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A note to my readers: You were expecting to see the next installment of the B-17 project here. Don’t worry, that model is alive and well in my shop but I elected to take it “out of the spotlight” for a while to concentrate on getting the beginnings of the scale detailing process right. Enjoy […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (14)

Biplanes have struts (most of them do, anyway), and the Great Lakes offers plenty of opportunity to learn how to build them. There are no bracing struts on the tail assembly, but we have a whole collection of them in the landing gear assembly, the usual interplane (outboard) struts, and the cabane struts (which hold […]

Let’s Go Flying (It’s about time!)

From what I have heard, just about all of us have been having less than ideal flying weather recently. Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t get much snow, and it seldom freezes, but we have more than enough gray, rainy windy weather to share with the rest of the world. Just last Saturday, (the […]