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Model Mystery Solved

Well, it cost me over a month of not-so-patiently waiting, but now I can tell you that the little Ercoupe FLIES. Getting it to that point turned out not to be quite as easy as I expected when I posted my last entry on that model on March 10. It turns out that I have […]

More Mystery Model Stuff

Remember when you were a kid, found some new treasure you managed to buy and bring home (an airplane kit, maybe?) , and how you wanted to start working on it RIGHT NOW? OK, I know, you’re not a kid any more but you still feel the same way sometimes? So do I, and that’s […]

It’s Mystery Model Time

I have already let on that I am a pushover for the real old time kits, the stick-and-tissue jobs that those of us who were kids during the ’40’s and 50’s learned to build with. In those days, even if you knew what you were doing, your only options were to preserve the plane as […]