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Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes… P-51 Flight Report (and some corrections)

    Last time around, in my initial blog/article on modifying the Atomik RC/J-Power P-51 ARF for improved appearance, I explained that all the stuff I tried worked and I was able to report that “It does fly.” In this installment I’m here to let you know how well the “enhanced foam” model performs and […]

Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes … Scaling-Out the Atomik RC/Sonic Modell EPO ARF B-17

        Recently I devoted several weeks of workshop time to determine just how far  I could go with fiberglass-and-paint resurfacing and refinishing of a typical large foam/ARF electric powered RC scale warbird…in this case the 61” wingspan J-Power P-51-D available from Atomik RC .My intent was to go all-out to fill and/or […]

Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes

                                                                   Yes, this really is a foam ARF  airplane…with some extra time and effort invested.   FINISHING THOSE FOAM ARF RC SCALE AIRPLANES     If you love model airplanes, it’s pretty much impossible to ignore all those electric powered RC scale jobs made primarily of expanded plastic foam of one variety or another. “Almost-Ready-To-Fly”,  “RTF”, […]