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Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes… P-51 Flight Report (and some corrections)

    Last time around, in my initial blog/article on modifying the Atomik RC/J-Power P-51 ARF for improved appearance, I explained that all the stuff I tried worked and I was able to report that “It does fly.” In this installment I’m here to let you know how well the “enhanced foam” model performs and […]

Product Review…Venom Group/Atomik SKYANGEL Mini-warbirds SeaFury

  What’s Bob doing with those ARF Foamies?  If you have been following for any time at all, you’re probably asking yourself “What’s Bob Benjamin doing with foam ARF models?” This guy is the original building them from balsa is better…forever… hard case guys. Well, to put it most simply, I’m doing it because […]

We visit Venom Group (those LiPo battery guys).

  This is no small operation! What appears to be most of the VPW crew turned out for a group photo with their building in the background.   Over the years that I have been involved with the world of aeromodeling there have been increasingly frequent occasions when I was given the opportunity to represent […]