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"The images you see above are some of the model airplanes I have built and flown over the years. All of them were built from kits or from my own plans and all of them fly under radio control using electric power." ~ Bob

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Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 15)

  This session is going to be about the first of a series of steps that have got to come before I can think about doing any “fine detailing” on the fuselage, let alone get into “finishing” (a paint job). Just as with the wing, along with all four of the integral engine nacelles, I […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 14)

  I finished the last work session on the B-17 fuselage by sharing my decision on the best way to go about sheeting/skinning the framework. Just so you know, what we’re doing does not qualify as “planking”…that’s a somewhat different process based on using lots of narrow strips to build up a broad surface. Perhaps […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 13)

  Now that I have a fully framed -up fuselage assembled to the stage that I can actually set it in place against the wing, the logical next step might be to get to work “finishing” it by starting the process of balsa sheet planking/skinning. But… and you saw this coming, didn’t you… there are […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 12)

    Do you like it when all the separated parts of a project finally begin to come together? I certainly do, and…for me anyway… that’s what starting work on the fuselage of a new model airplane  is all about. As you’ve already figured out, I nearly always build the flying surfaces (wing and tail […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 11)

  We finished our last building session with the basic structure of the wing, as well as the engine nacelles aft of the cowls, all built. All that was left to complete the outline was the flaps and ailerons, and I’m going to build those now. Quite a few installments back I discussed adding “scale” […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 10)

  I finished off the last session (Part 9) by promising you a “prodigious mess of balsa shavings”  that would result from completing the job of shaping all four engine nacelles. Doing that turned out to be an exercises in using a sequence of traditional model airplane building tools…a modeler’s block plane, a model knife, […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 9)

  Part 8 of our “building the B-17” story ended with my giving you a sneak peek at the first of the aft nacelle fairing blocks stuck into place. In showing you that (as a hint of things to come) I got a little ahead of myself. Today I’m going to back up a step […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 8)

  I finished our last session of B-17 building  by closing-up/sheeting-in the forward section of one of the one of the engine nacelles. I’ve been doing nacelles for quite a while now and I’m sure it has occurred to you (as it did to me when I was planning the project) that four nacelles …all […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 7)

  I finished our last building session by closing up (adding the last of the 1/16”balsa sheet skin) the lower surface  of both wing panels and doing some final reinforcement and preliminary sanding around the flap well access With that done, the next step is to locate, mark and cut out the portions of the […]

Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes… P-51 Flight Report (and some corrections)

    Last time around, in my initial blog/article on modifying the Atomik RC/J-Power P-51 ARF for improved appearance, I explained that all the stuff I tried worked and I was able to report that “It does fly.” In this installment I’m here to let you know how well the “enhanced foam” model performs and […]