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Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (18)

All those bits and pieces are beginning to look more and more like an airplane in the process of becoming, and I’m getting anxious to see how she’s going to look with covering on the bare structure. However, there are a few details that have to be attended to before I get to break out […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (3)

We’ll start building the outer wing panels with the top left and right…they are a bit less complex because there are ailerons only on the bottom wing. As with the center section, I am using a magnetic building board system.   I have placed spacers between both the front and rear spars and the building […]

Building the Stinson SR-9 (5)

The next step called out in the instructions involves sanding the entire horizontal tail assembly. It helps to remember that “sanding” in this case involves two different jobs…shaping, and smoothing. Shaping comes first, and it can be scary if the plans don’t show exactly what the finished part is supposed to look like. In the […]