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Detailing a Dummy Scale Engine

(NOTE: This is the revised introduction I added to this blog entry after it was used as the source of the FLY RC Magazine article based on my original blog content.) A while back I presented a two part article here in Fly RC explaining how I scaled out the big (1/6 scale) WACO SRE ARF from Sig. […]

Repairing the big Waco SRE (3)

The motor came back , all fixed and ready to go back into the airplane…and I want to tell you about that. This particular motor is a Scorpion 4025-12 brushless outrunner from Innov8tive Designs. I used the Waco SRE “scale-out” project as my first opportunity to use a Scorpion motor/ESC system. Everythings performs as advertised, […]

Repairing the big Waco SRE (2)

The first job was to clean away everything that was left of that 1/8″ ply plate. As it turns out, that plate was designed with several tabs that fit into corresponding slots in the formers (or bulkheads) ahead of and behind it. Neither of those formers was damaged. It would have been impossible to get […]

Repairing the big Waco SRE (1)

People are always asking me about ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) models. There are some impressive ones around, and these days most of them fly very well. (That was not always so.) I don’t pay a lot of attention to them because my “thing” is building the airplanes I fly. However, recently lots of experienced […]