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Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17…Part 19

  I’m going to pick up right where we left off the last time we got to work on the B-17. You may remember that I explained why I felt that those really lightweight plastic cowls needed some stiffening so they’d stand up well over time as the airplane gets flown. I poured some reinforcing […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17…Part 18

  As it turned out I decided to finish-sand those overlap-joint-buildups later, as part of another big sanding task that’s coming up soon. Instead, we are starting off this time with some of the final details of the flap and aileron installations. There’s going to be plenty of finish sanding coming up right after that. […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 17)

  It has been a while since we did any work on the B-17. Several months ago I hinted that there might be some changes in the works, and left it at that. In fact I have been busier than you want to know with some heavy-duty family responsibilities.  FLY RC editor Matt Maziarz agreed […]


JULY 17, 2016… A NOTE TO ALL MY READERS:  As you may have noticed I have not been posting material as often as in the past. Over the past year my wife and I have been involved 24/7 as the only caregivers for an elderly family member suffering from advancing Alzheimer’s disease with severe complications.  As you […]