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Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes… P-51 Flight Report (and some corrections)

    Last time around, in my initial blog/article on modifying the Atomik RC/J-Power P-51 ARF for improved appearance, I explained that all the stuff I tried worked and I was able to report that “It does fly.” In this installment I’m here to let you know how well the “enhanced foam” model performs and […]

Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 6)

  We finished our last session in the shop with my showing you the E-Flite 10-25 electric RLG (retractable landing gear) system that’s going into the B-17. As I suggested then, there are a lot of things that have to happen…and a lot of decisions to be made… before I’ll be able to glue a […]