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Going All-Out With A Classic Balsa B-17-F (Part 4)

  During our last B-17 session in the shop, I finished closing in the top surface of the wing  using my favorite “wet balsa sheet” method. You may have noticed then that I made no provision for the cutouts in each leading edge that are going to be necessary when it’s time to add the […]

Finishing Those Foam ARF RC Scale Airplanes … Scaling-Out the Atomik RC/Sonic Modell EPO ARF B-17

        Recently I devoted several weeks of workshop time to determine just how far  I could go with fiberglass-and-paint resurfacing and refinishing of a typical large foam/ARF electric powered RC scale warbird…in this case the 61” wingspan J-Power P-51-D available from Atomik RC .My intent was to go all-out to fill and/or […]