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How to use “good old silkspan” as a covering and finish base (part 1).

  In the review of the Sig Dornier DO 217 kit that I posted a while back, I explained that I was going to depart from what the instructions told me to do when it came to covering (and finishing) the model and use traditional dope-and-silkspan materials in place of the plastic film that’s recommended. I […]

Peeling Paint?

I got a question the other day from reader Dale Thomsen. He reports that,   “I got a Stinson SR-9 from another modeler. My problem is the paint that was on the plane is pealing off. I’m sure it is Stits covering and don’t know what to do. the paint is Sig Supercoat if this […]

Building those old kits…not enough information?

On lots of the plans sheets that came with those old (stick-and-tissue, printwood, rubber powered and maybe sort-of-flyable) model airplane kits pretty much all you got was plans. Instructions that actually helped you figure out what came next were not always part of the deal. For a lot of the kids (myself included) who wanted […]