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Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (26)

It’s time to put some paint on this airplane. If this were going to be a competitive model I would already have gathered whatever color references were available, most likely photos or published artwork, determined exactly which paint products I would need to get the most accurate possible reproduction of the colors on the full […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (25)

You may have noticed that up until now I have paid no attention at all to one of the most obvious “scale details” on the airplane…the windshields of the twin open cockpits. All too often open cockpit model windshields take the form of a chunk of clear plastic stuck to the top of the fuselage […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (24)

With the model covered, clear doped and primed, just about ready for color, there are a few more details I need to take care of before that final paint job can begin. The one I want to tell you about this time provides a perfect example of the way building scale model airplanes is in […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (23)

Whether we call it “silk-and-dope”, “dope and tissue”, “polyspan and nitrate”, or whatever, covering and finishing model airplanes using a sheet of paper or fabric and then sealing it with various paint products involves two different operations. We have just finished the first, which is cutting, attaching and shrinking the covering material (in this case, […]