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Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (16)

On the FlyLine kit plan, the landing gear is shown as several poorly defined struts made up from brass strip and aluminum tube as well as a main and rear strut of 3/32″ steel wire. The main wire strut includes the axles, and if carefully assembled by wire-wrap-and-solder with the rear strut, MIGHT pass for […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (15)

Locking up the mounting of the upper wing on the cabane strut assembly established the angle of incidence (2 degrees positive). With that done, I’ll be able to build and fit the interplane (“N”) struts to match that angle. The first big decision is how I am going to attach the struts to both the […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (14)

Biplanes have struts (most of them do, anyway), and the Great Lakes offers plenty of opportunity to learn how to build them. There are no bracing struts on the tail assembly, but we have a whole collection of them in the landing gear assembly, the usual interplane (outboard) struts, and the cabane struts (which hold […]

Building the (old) FLYLINE Great Lakes 2T-1A kit (13)

If you go back and look at the first entry in my series on this airplane, you’ll see that the plans describe building the fixed horizontal tail (stabilizer) as a single piece to be glued in place as part of the tail assermbly, with the intention that the covering of the stabilizer and that of […]

Model Mystery Solved

Well, it cost me over a month of not-so-patiently waiting, but now I can tell you that the little Ercoupe FLIES. Getting it to that point turned out not to be quite as easy as I expected when I posted my last entry on that model on March 10. It turns out that I have […]