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Building the Stinson SR-9 (2)

Speaking of building, let’s talk a bit about just how much of an old time building project this particular model airplane is…or is not. The Top Flite Stinson kit is designed around what experienced model builders usually refer to as a traditional, built-up structure, which means that the engineering, the shape and function of the […]

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Building the Stinson SR-9 (1)

At just about the same time I was planning those structural changes to the little Berkeley Super Cruiser, I decided to go ahead with a project that had been lurking around the edges of my imagination for a couple of years. This one is a bit bigger. You’ve seen the ads for the Top Flite […]


Do you remember Berkeley kits?

Do you remember Berkeley kits? If you were aware of model airplanes during the period from World War II until the early 1960’s, you probably do. There were dozens of them, maybe half of them free flights and the rest control-liners (except for a few intended for something exotic and mysterious called radio control). Nearly […]

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